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As a platform for bi- and trilateral communication between women from Palestine, Israel and Germany the Canaan Conference wants to offer support for organizations and initiatives working in this field.

Based on the Resolution-1325, which claims the involvement of women in peace building and stabilizing processes, the goals of the Canaan Conference are to raise public awareness for women’s views, needs and approaches and how to find ways to achieve them.

The establishment of new specific tri- and multilateral cooperations is the future goal, the conference is aiming for.

The conference will take place in the City Hall of Berlin, Rotes Rathaus,  from 15th – 18th of December 2014,
while the Public Event on the 16th of December is taking place at Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße 3, 10115 Berlin.

The Canaan Conference is a women conference only, but all gender are highly welcome at the Public Event and in following projects.


At the conference

World cafes will serve as platforms for participants, in order to specify their requirements, to express questions and to give answers for the improvement of their bi-, tri- and multilateral relations.
On seven tables, experienced mediators guide through the discussions and guarantee respectful and constructive talks.

We are planning on a Dinner with decision-makers from Palestine, Israel and Germany we would likes to sensitize these institutions to support the highly needed establishment of a social and intercultural infrastructure and therefore enhancing the peace process.

At the end of the conference an appeal will be written that is directed to all EU-Parliamentarians, according to the UN Resolution-1325. This appeal claims the realization of a public peace conference in Brussels by inviting decision makers from Palestine and Israel as well as representatives of women´s organizations.

The conference is not a platform to discuss questions about guilt, controversial political decisions and weighing degrees of trauma between the people of the conflict regions. The conference has to be considered as a possibility to develop specific strategies to improve the living conditions of the people and to bring the different cultures together by building trust.